Link Islam

ke depan lagi – The Holy Quran (categorised and multi-language support. Also has recitation) – Translations of the Quran in MANY languages. Also shows multiple versions of the translation of each part of the Quran (ie. by different translators). Good religion-comparison section too.

Translation of SAHIH BUKHARI (complete collection of Hadith)
Translation of SAHIH MUSLIM (complete collection of Hadith) – Hadith Database Search (various translations) – Excellent Islamic Search Engine (and loads more)

All of these links are excellent . Each one contains a wealth of Islamic information. – Islam Questions & Answers (In English, Arabic and French) – Islamic Pictures, Images and Art. Also Quranic Recitation etc. Very good. – Islamic Gateway (Daily updated. Good downloads etc) – Imaam Al-Shaafi’e (Includes good prayer guide etc) – Mukmin…the Islamic way of life! – Another excellent site. Clear categorisation. – Islam (excellent) – About Al-Islam and Muslims – The Islamic Shariah Institute – As-Sunnah Foundation of America – The Islam Page (Very comprehensive. Excellent) – Explore, Discover & Be Convinced (good for comparing Islam to other religions) – Muslim Prayer Times (excellent timetable calculator) – Salafi Publications – Muslim Student Association, Oregon State University (Quran recitation etc.)


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